Welcome to your Training and Advice Centre

Thank you for registering as a candidate with us, we want to make the job search experience as affective as possible for you. Sometimes, even the most skilled and experienced in the HR environment, need some pointers and support to ensure we are presenting ourselves in the best way to a potential hirer.

Getting Motivated

It is also important to feel motivated and positive about reaching a successful outcome. There is no pre-defined time to finding a new role, but we can make that journey fruitful and rewarding by identifying skills and achievements, recording and presenting them to create the best chance of being seen and hired.

We have created this Training and Advice Centre at Prime Candidate to provide help and assistance in some of the fundamentals of a job search, and preparing individuals to assess, review and market themselves to greatest effect.

You will see a set of information and tools for your use. We will endeavour to grow and develop these points of reference for your use, and please feel free to contact us to present ideas and situations where you would like to see on-going support. The whole Prime Candidate environment is designed for the benefit of the candidate and we welcome your involvement.

Below is a set of quick links through to further information to assist your candidate preparation.

arm-imagePlease note, the ARM™ outplacement service is a special programme designed to assist individuals who are being released by their employer. Unfortunately, those tough decisions by employers are still part of the employment cycle, but we encourage employers to provide value added support to staff who find themselves in this position. The cost of the ARM™ programme is covered by the employer, so if you find yourself in a position where you are being released, please speak to the employer to ask that they give you the opportunity to join the ARM™ programme. Ask them to contact us to set up the programme for you.


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