Prime Candidate is the result of a group of senior people who want to make a difference to the lives of the older worker, by providing an easily accessible and user friendly environment to capture their skills and knowledge, and presenting new working opportunities from employers who recognise the values that more experienced and skilled works can bring to their organisations.

We lobby the public and private sector to raise awareness of the ‘hidden’ workforce and how they can be employed to create sustainable growth.

The Management Team

Steve Anderson

Champion Age DiversityPrime Candidate was founded by Steve Anderson. Frustrated with the inequity of employment opportunities for the more mature worker, Steve brought together a senior team to formulate an approach that would create a more level playing field for mature job seekers – the result is a Social Enterprise using the name, Prime Candidate.

Steve is the designer of the Champion Age Diversity philosophy, providing practical applications and pathways for employers to access the skills and experience they need, and Prime Candidate is the custodian of the Champions Charter.

Drawing on deep and diverse organisation and resource experience, Steve’s ethos is to deliver the quality service all hirers expect to receive, and the hope and aspiration that every candidate deserves. Prime Candidate utilises Steve’s unrivalled matching techniques, derived from many years of successful positioning of individuals and teams.

We know it’s all about the customer, and the Prime Candidate brand has a reputation for quality, integrity and innovation, resulting from many years of building relationships with clients based on trust and mutual respect. We recognise that people are the most significant asset. Many organisations claim the same but fail on their promise. We take great care to develop close, long-term people relationships that are underpinned with a mutual trust and understanding.

Steve lobbies for equal employment opportunities for an age diverse workforce.  Steve also sits on the Executive Board of the Chamber of Commerce where he champions regional and international business for development, sustainability and growth. Steve also sits on the DWP’s Age Action Alliance steering committee. Steve is also a regular fund raiser for the Breakthrough Breast Cancer charity.

Pauline Hedges, MBE

Man Team PaulinePauline has a diverse and very interesting background that adds up to providing the knowledge and support that helps to resolve the objective of securing work for the more mature worker. Pauline spent 30 years working in the finance industry where she attained the honour of being the very first lady bank manager at TSB. Pauline then became the ‘voice’ for banks when residing in the PR role for the British Bankers Association for 7 years.

Taking that industry and working know-how, Pauline has been in great demand across Private, Public and Third sectors, to support and help businesses and policy makers create a fair and thriving environment for employees, whilst driving success and growth for hiring organisations. Pauline is very active in her home county of Surrey, as Skills and Employment lead for Surrey Heath Borough Council and representing the Skills Board of Local Enterprise across Surrey and Hampshire. Pauline was also Head of Policy for the Surrey Chamber of Commerce, a time when she and  Steve Anderson first met and worked on projects together. Finding a natural understanding and sharing many common ideas, Pauline and Steve have the business fundamentals, the vision, and the voice, for the more mature worker, to ensure the best attention in terms of finding new work and lobbying for improved equalities.

Pauline also volunteers for a number of organisations including Rotary and the FSB, where she leads campaigns such as the improvement for business procurement systems. Pauline has a great heritage in the Third sector environment as she was also Deputy Director for ChildLine during its initial stages. It is for this work, and more, over many years, that resulted in the richly deserved recognition in the 2017 New Years Honours list, where Pauline was awarded the MBE.

Pauline’s main role at Prime Candidate is working with employers and recruiters to identify the benefits and gains that can be made through employment of experienced and skilled workers, and she would love to hear from all organisations who want to take the next step.

Brenda Charles-Pryce

Champion Age DiversityBrenda is an experienced, motivated and results driven individual, who strives for excellence in whatever role she takes on.

With a career history in corporate, political and social community environments, spanning international locations and household corporate names, Brenda sometimes wears many hats at the same time, but recognises that experience is vital to any job requirement.

Brenda comments: “however robust and passionate you are, experience is something which you can only achieve through diligence and time, together with adaptability and a curiosity to learn.”

This is often the advantage of a mature professional person, and something which is now being recognised by various ranges of organisation as a core element to economic and community growth today.

Brenda’s main role at Prime Candidate is working with employers and organisations in and towards the Champion Age Diversity charter.

Steve Anderson, Founder of Prime Candidate, talks about how it all came to being