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We are Champions for Age Diversity

Champion Age DiversityAwareness of the benefits of the older demographic resource is fast becoming recognised by many organisations. More and more companies are seeking to establish themselves as a committed employer for diversity, demonstrating those values, both for existing staff and to the outside world.

Such values are highly prized and now sought after in how business is transacted. Employers are fast becoming aware of the opportunity to trade and procure, coupled to social awareness. As a social enterprise, we offer a further route for businesses, to not just a valuable service provision of excellence that is economically viable, but for organisations to demonstrate their attitude towards enhancement of social economies that ultimately benefit everyone.

We are making great strides in raising awareness of the value and benefit that an experienced workforce can bring to an organisation, and it is with these great advocates….Champions….of a balanced, multi-generational work environment, that we believe we can make a tremendous difference to the global issues surrounding this demographic resource.

We have been described as the experts in providing over 50’s recruitment and employment services, and companies and employers looking for a wide variety of  experience and skills to achieve a multi-generational workforce, use our services to find the best resource.

We are also the custodians of  the ‘Champions Charter’, an accreditation gained by organisations who commit to age diversity and equal opportunities for all employees.

Our candidate services are also highly regarded nation-wide,  as we deliver service provision across the DWP/JobCentrePlus national network.

Become a Champion for Age Diversity

champion age diversityBecome a ‘Champion’ and use the members badge to demonstrate your awareness and understanding of the values of hiring and retaining experienced staff.

For HR departments, it will add benefit and value to your existing work-force, whilst you can utilise your age-diversity policies and access to Prime Candidate, to ensure you receive a balanced view of applications for new vacancies.

Many businesses and organisations are now planning their strategies for sustainability and growth, considering a full and balanced view of the resource market, that includes: recruitment without bias, across all age groups; and a plan that is structured with training and development opportunities for all employees.

Use your Champions membership to support your Diversity and Inclusion outlook, and contribute to your corporate and social responsibility programmes.

Champion Age DiversityClick the ‘Champions’ badge for more information and to join.

Recruitment and Career Change Services for Employers and Jobseekers

As a Social Enterprise, we recognise the social and community benefits of driving employment equality and we lobby and seek influence for continuous improvement in employment opportunities for the mature worker.

We know the value and important role that this experienced and skilled age group can offer the work place and it is our mission to support you back in to employment. Job opportunities are added regularly so create a great profile and register today.

Recruiting Older Workers

We incentivise employing companies across all sectors, by offering affordable recruitment and transition packages. Whether you are a micro business, a large corporate, or a Charity, an older worker is likely to give you longer service than a younger counterpart, so giving you stability and improved retention, but also significant recruitment cost savings.

Working with Prime Candidate also recognises your CSR contribution. Adherence to an age diversity programme not only offers your organisation huge potential for effectiveness, efficiency and growth, but is critical to avoid discrimination and to meet corporate and social objectives.

If you are an employer, seeking to benefit from staff who are reliable, loyal, and who offer life-skills as well as technical competence, advertise your vacancy now.

Employers benefit from:

  • Quality attributes of experience, reliability, loyalty, ethics, communication
  • Technical competence and know-how
  • Dedicated staff ready to train and up-skill
  • Accelerating business development
  • Plugging skills gaps
  • Affordable and sustainable recruiting
  • Achieving Age Diversity and CSR objectives

Job seekers benefit from:

  • Employers who value life-skills and quality attributes
  • Employers who value experience and know-how
  • Access to roles that are specifically for you
  • Recognition and reward for your knowledge and application
  • Training and advice to be ’employee ready’
  • Employment transition support
  • No fees at all – a totally free service
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